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Online Information from the New Mark Counseling Office is available 24/7 

The Counseling Office works with students and parents individually and in groups to assist with various educational, personal and social concerns. Our school counselors and resource staff work together as both parent and child advocates to identify and meet the needs of all students and families at New Mark. In addition to these services, counselors also assist students with maintaining class schedules and managing enrollment. Contact information is provided below for our Counseling Department. 

Office Hours: 7:15 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

Christina Taggart (8th grade); (816) 321-6248

Stacia Wilson (7th grade); (816) 321-4424

Olivia Krohne (School Resource Specialist); (816) 321-6143

Kelly Francis (School Psychologist); (816) 321-5864

Elaine Greathouse  (Counseling Office Clerk ) ; 816.321.5661

Vanessa Robinson (Speech Pathology); (816) 321-6013